Granite is the hardest natural surface you can install for your kitchen countertops. Second only to diamonds in terms of  hardness, granite is an increasingly popular natural surface for countertops because of its unbeatable toughness. Most granite is also impossible to scratch. Granite slabs used to be seen as more of a high-end product for wealthy people, but today more and more average people are installing it in their kitchens.

One of the main advantages of granite is its extreme heat resistance, meaning you can place hot frying pans and pots directly on the countertop, without fear of damaging it. One of the main disadvantages of granite as a countertop material, is that it is naturally porous, if the granite is not sealed properly it can be permanently stained if certain acidic or oily substances sits on it for a period of time.

Cleaning granite countertops is usually a simple matter of wiping the surface down with warm water and a soft cloth. But, if you choose to use a cleaning product on your granite countertop, make sure it is a neutral (pH balanced) solution, as acidic cleaning products can abrade the polish from the surface. Manufacturers also suggest a once yearly application of non-yellowing wax to ensure your granite retains its original luster and shine.

Natural stone is the perfect material for your kitchen or bathroom. There is no man made product that has the same colors, textures, or elegance than natural stone. Our tiles and slabs for countertops, add a new dimension to any room of your home.

Granite however, is an ideal choice for kitchen countertops of all sizes. It is a virtually scratch resistant material, cutting food with knives directly on the surface is not a problem. Granite is also heat resistant to the point where a hot coffee pot or skillet could be placed on the surface without causing damage. You won't find a better combination of durability and natural beauty than Tiger Kitchen and Bath Depot granite.

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