Marble Floors

Because it is very heavy and difficult to mine and cut, marble is one of the most expensive surfaces you can purchase. However, for some people, no expense is too great for the privilege of enjoying marble’s cultured, crystalline beauty of infinite variety in their home.

Like most other stone countertops, marble does tend to stain. However, if you take care to clean up any spills immediately, and take regular steps to maintain the surface, you should have little trouble. Use a damp rag to clean your marble countertop and buff it dry with a chamois about once a week to keep it looking its best. You can also purchase specially formulated marble surface polishing agents containing tin oxide, which will extend the life and enhance the beauty of your countertop. Any serious or deep scratches should be referred to a professional for repair and restoration.

Because of its susceptibility to stains, it is recommended that marble be used in bathrooms and foyers, as opposed to kitchens. A kitchen countertop made of marble, would require a great deal of maintenance on the part of the homeowner.
Marble can have a huge variety of textures, colors and depths, depending on the temperature and pressure at which it was formed, as well as the minerals and moisture present. For example, pure calcite marble is white, marble containing the impurity hematite is red, marble with the impurity limonite is yellow, and serpentine impurity is green. Quartz crystals are the result of low temperature marble formation.

Rosso Levanto
Rosso Verona
H.R. Marble
Crema Valencia
Chocolate Coffee
Olay White
Rojo Alicante
Burmer Beige
Haisa Grey
Haisa White
Golden Jade
Golden Beige
Portoro Extra
Black Marquina


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